About Us

The Brisbane Opal Museum and Jewellery shop is Brisbane's pre-eminent destination to shop for and learn about Australian opals.


Our company, which has been family owned and operated since inception over then years agon, is a modern and progressive business that is extremely passionate about everything to do with opal mining, especially the history, the stories, and the people.


We have grown from a small, online jewellery design business based out of a garage into an independent, purpose-designed museum and showroom located just minutes away from the Brisbane CBD.


The Brisbane Opal Museum and Jewellery shop is proud to offer both tours of our world class permanent collection as well as an incredible variety of locally designed and expertly crafted 100% natural Australian Opal Jewellery. No matter what the occasion or what you are looking for, we can help you in finding the opal of your dreams. 


Our shop offers a range of hand picked, cut, and polished opals of all types and colours set in silver and gold. While you shop with the guarantee that you are buying an authentic Australian opal product, you can also browse our carefully curated collection of museum specimens, including opalised fossils, Yowah nuts, and fine artwork.


It is our goal to ensure that we are contributing to a thriving, environmentally sustainable opal industry. We strive to couple a luxury retail experience with quality and entertaining information about this fascinating gemstone.


Please enjoy the website and rest assured that you are dealing with a unique business that has vision and integrity.


Brisbane Opal Museum and Jewellery shop has 2 directors, here below you can read their blurbs...




Geoffrey Mcdonald

Geoffrey has been working on the business full time for over 10 years and consider it a modern progressive business.  He is passionate about anything opals from the mining, the history, the stories and most of all the people.

Geoffrey has big dreams and believes in a positive attitude.


Valentine Mcdonald 

Valentine grew up in a typical French suburb 45 minutes from Paris.

In the early 2000’s, She lived and worked in UK. In 2004, She moved to Australia, settled in Brisbane and started working for the Brisbane Opal Museum in 2005.

She has a degree in marketing and long-time experience with the import/export of goods. She is currently taking a course to become a certified gemmologist. Valentine has had an interest in gems since childhood when her father would bring back ornamental jewellery from his business trips to Africa.

Valentine is passionate about photography, she was part of the photographic club of her high school and while travelling she was very fortunate to work in the industry.

You can appreciate her photographs through our postcard collection and museum merchandising.

She believes that flexibility is the key to be a successful entrepreneur and her favourite quote is “think outside the box”.

Valentine is the present curator of the museum.




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