Brisbane Opal Museum - One of the Best Opal Collections in the World!


The Opal Museum is a physical location in Brisbane where you can experience the wonder of opal. The opal Museum was built for one reason...

To give visitors a GREAT experience before they find their own perfect opal.


 Firstly, we do have an online store but this website is not it. If you are looking for our online shop please visit here.


My name’s Geoff McDonald, now before we go further I just want to clarify what this website is for. Its purpose is to do two things.

  1. Firstly it's to show people who are interested in visiting our museum that we are in fact a cool little museum and not some dingy room with a couple of posters on the wall (that was us 4 years ago!) and that you should come and visit us if you are-in-any-way interested in this fabulous gemstone. 
  2. Secondly, if you're not able to come to Brisbane but still wish to learn about opal then this website will help.

Now, you’ve probably heard of gold fever, well, opal fever is just as real. And I’m proud to say that I HAVE IT. It gets into your blood and people in the industry love the game. A chance to discover the treasure underneath the sun-burnt land - a dream that is only one pickaxe swing away. And if opal is found. The wheeling-and-dealing begins in the GAME OF STONES!

At the Brisbane opal museum you can feel the love for this special stone.  What we’re talking about here is something truly special, where unlike most things these days, when you see it and hold it in your hands you can actually see the value!

Take a tour of discovery at the Brisbane Opal Museum. Be inspired by the videos showing the passion and resilience of both miner and stone. Take in the photographs old and new and experience one of the most outstanding and varied opal collections on display in the world.

After falling in love with opal on the tour, the jewellery shop awaits.  With stunning settings and opal of every shape and size, you’ll be surrounded by the largest range of solid, natural opal jewellery in Brisbane (click here to visit our online shop)!  Find your own special perfect-for-you-one-of-a-kind opal with prices ranging from just $50 to $17,500. The Brisbane Opal Museum and Jewellery Shop is a gem of a place, we love it and know you will too. Look forward to welcoming you soon.

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The Museum Collection

Black Opal

Black opal has a black tone underneath the colour. The blacker the tone the more intense the colour can be. Black opal is type 1 (see Terminology).

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Dark (Semi-black) Opal

Dark opal has a dark grey - to light grey tone underneath the colour. The blacker the tone the more intense the colour can be. Dark opal is type 1 (see Terminology).

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Crystal Opal

Crystal opal has a high degree of transparency throughout the stone. The play of colour can vary from slight to intense. Crystal opal is type 1 (see Terminology).

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Light (White) Opal

Light opal has a light tone (close to white but not necessarily white). A small degree of transparency. Light opal is type 1 (see Terminology).

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Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal is only found in Queensland. When the ironstone boulders form they also have empty cracks. The water/silica solution finds its way into the cracks and then then in time the opal forms. Because the cracks are thin we do not try and remove the opal from the host roc...

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Matrix Opal

Matrix Opal is a variant of boulder opal except rather than having the opal on the surface of the stone. The stone surface is a mixture of opal and ironstone (host rock). The patten can vary from a thousands of tiny sparkling flecks to swirling majestic patterns.

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So many wonderful books & DVD's on opal.

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Maps that we have in the Museum for the opal industry.

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A Selection of Opalized Fossils.

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International Opals

International Opals

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Which opal is the most valuable?

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