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The Brisbane Opal Museum and Opal Jewellery Shop


It’s the NEXT best thing to actually going out to the opal fields… Where you would be lucky enough to experience the scorching heat, the snakes, and the flies, oh the flies! And lets not forget about the hours of back-breaking boulder smashing. SO…   actually… It's much better then going out to the opal fields.


At the Opal Museum you will get a personal tour through the museum and discover..


1) The Iconic History

2) How opal is formed (and why Australian Opal is so special)

3) How it's mined

4) How to tell the difference between Solid (real) opals and enhanced opals

5) And best of all, you will get to look at and hold some incredible opal specimens.



Here's a video of when the team at Channel 10/11 came out to visit the Opal Museum (it Aired July 2018)...




In 2018 the Opal Museum was awarded the Travellers' Choice award...



This is the highest honor TripAdvisor - the world's largest travel site can bestow. It's based on the reviews and opinions of millions of travellers, and means that we're ranked in the top 1% of all Australian attractions!




Testimonial -    Google Review Feb - 2018


Absolutely fantastic!!!! I can’t even tell you what amazing customer service Geoff provided. You can really tell he loves what he does. Came on a Wednesday morning and there was no one else there. He gave us a nice little tour, was super respective of our time (didn’t drag on like some museums). Had us watch a little video and then showed us some samples. Then, left us to wander on our own, no hovering or spying on us at all. Then the shop... omg the shop! First of all I just wanted to say he was super respectful of my budget. I let him know right away and he didn’t try to up sell me at all - everything he showed me was right within my budget. I was actually the one up selling myself because everything was SO beautiful and I had a wandering eye haha!! And very fair prices considering what you’re getting is the real deal. Also shocked me that he let me go outside with a few pieces to see the “fire” in the sunlight. Where I’m from that doesn’t happen at all! So it just goes to show how chill and nice Geoff is. He helped me fill out the tax free form as I’m overseas. Even gave me a map of the airport showing where to hand the slips into. It was just overall an amazing experience and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!


If you cannot Visit the Opal Museum & Jewellery Shop then you're still able to shop online at our...


The Museum Collection

Black Opal

Black opal has a black tone underneath the colour. The blacker the tone the more intense the colour can be. Black opal is type 1 (see Terminology).

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Dark (Semi-black) Opal

Dark opal has a dark grey - to light grey tone underneath the colour. The blacker the tone the more intense the colour can be. Dark opal is type 1 (see Terminology).

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Crystal Opal

Crystal opal has a high degree of transparency throughout the stone. The play of colour can vary from slight to intense. Crystal opal is type 1 (see Terminology).

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Light (White) Opal

Light opal has a light tone (close to white but not necessarily white). A small degree of transparency. Light opal is type 1 (see Terminology).

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Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal is only found in Queensland. When the ironstone boulders form they also have empty cracks. The water/silica solution finds its way into the cracks and then then in time the opal forms. Because the cracks are thin we do not try and remove the opal from the host roc...

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Matrix Opal

Matrix Opal is a variant of boulder opal except rather than having the opal on the surface of the stone. The stone surface is a mixture of opal and ironstone (host rock). The patten can vary from a thousands of tiny sparkling flecks to swirling majestic patterns.

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So many wonderful books & DVD's on opal.

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Maps that we have in the Museum for the opal industry.

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A Selection of Opalized Fossils.

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  • Fossil Jewellery
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Opal Jewellery

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International Opals

International Opals

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Not 100% Natural

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Which opal is the most valuable?

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